Seat Navigation MFD2 TravelPilot DX Update DVD Disc 2014

Seat Navigation MFD2 TravelPilot DX Update DVD Disc 2014
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SEAT Navigation MFD2 TravelPilot DX Update Disc 2014


Only for MFD2 CD based units not for MFD2 DVD unit



Seat [DX DNS]


Available countries:

CD1. Major Roads of Europe 

CD2. Poland,Czech Republic

CD3. Spain and Portugal 

CD4. Germany

CD5. Benelux

CD6. Italy

CD7. France

CD8. Alps

CD9. Scandinavia 

CD10. UK, Ireland




Installation for this disc is just a simple case of removing your old disc and inserting the new one, with your car running your firmware will update and takes just a few minutes, once complete you will see your map screen load with your new maps do not turn it off until this is completed and then you will have the most up to date map and poi data base.



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